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Motivational Speaker | Top-Notch Realtor | Career Counselor | Innovative Engineer



A dynamic force in the world of personal growth and achievement. With a passion for motivating others, MUHAMMAD TALHA AMIR inspires individuals to reach new heights, whether as a top-notch realtor helping clients find their dream homes, a trusted career counselor guiding professionals towards fulfilling paths, or an innovative engineer shaping the future with groundbreaking solutions. Through a unique blend of expertise and dedication, MUHAMMAD TALHA AMIR empowers others to embrace their full potential and turn their aspirations into reality."


Under Talha’s leadership, the HOPE Group has achieved remarkable milestones in the short span of six years, which include

  • Becoming Pakistan’s fastest Growing unicorn
  • Launching Pakistan’s biggest Real Estate Marketing Company – HOPE Marketing
  • Launching Pakistan’s fastest Growing Digital Marketing Company – HOPE Smart Solution
  • Launching Pakistan’s fastest growing Engineers Developer firm – HOPE Developer
  • Creating over 500+ jobs and expanding to create more
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